Weekly Reflection – 03/19/17

A few weeks back one of my mentors gave our leadership group an “assignment” to do that was intended to make us more aware of our learning & personal growth. Our business team is always on the go with life, learning (reading + listening to podcasts, success story, teaching audios), family, etc. There’s a lot of things that come in the way of having some reflection time each week, but none of that is really a good excuse for not doing. But she wanted us to slow down for a bit and take time to reflect back on the last month and write down a handful of things that we had learned, applied, grown in, etc. It was an extremely helpful activity & it inspired me to do it weekly!

Well here I am Sunday night at 11:30pm and I’m finally completing my weekly reflection. But I haven’t done one in 2 weeks (basically since she gave us the idea) and there’s no excuse for that except laziness. Well I’m ready to turn a new leaf over because I can see how not being intentional with my learning + applying in business is actually impacting other areas of my life. One thing I’ve identified that I need to be more intentional about is reflection time; going back and remembering what I learned and how did it help me advance forward.

This is my first weekly reflection on this blog so it’ll probably have the longest intro, but that’s just to preface the importance that this activity has in my life & can have in yours as well.

So here’s a list of a few things I’ve been chewing on this week:

  • Being TOO organized can be a huge distraction and can actually do more harm than good.
    • I have 4 notebooks currently… that’s WAY too many to keep up with and I’ve found that as a result, I just don’t get into them that often and I think it’s because it’s too much to remember which notebook is for what.
    • I need to get 1 notebook & simplify my note taking, reflecting, etc.
  • Feed your strengths/giftings; Don’t feed something that wasn’t intended to grown to full maturity (weaknesses) – I’m going to do a separate blog on this topic at a later time when I have more fruit to back it up with from personal experience.
  • I am more emotionally unstable than I realized (or wanted to admit)
    • I am started to read a new book “Living Beyond Your Feelings” by Joyce Meter
    • Stay Tuned – because I see that book definitely bringing out some of my creative writing juices in the very near future.
  • I want more of God in my life, but that means I have to give him more of me.
    • More of my time, my obedience, my faith, my worship
  • I am becoming more aware of times that I’m not being effective/products with my time.
    • I can’t get time back & it’s starting to become almost painful when I recognize that I’ve wasted time doing something ineffective/unproductive.

I would encourage anyone who’s reading this to try reflecting once a week on what you’ve been learning & applying in your life. The purpose of the exercise is not only reflect on what you’ve learned but let it start to change YOU! We can only expect change to come into our lives when we first are open to changing. I believe that we will change when we start to apply what we are learning. Actions DO speak louder than words!


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