Where to Begin?

A while back I entertained the idea of “writing my story” as a way for me to practice it and filter out the non-important details of what has made me the woman I am today.

Well… what you are reading now is my attempt at making this idea become a reality. To be quite honest, I am not even sure where to begin or how often I intend on writing as this is meant more for me to use as an online “diary”. You will find that I am blunt, straightforward, I tell it how it is, and I am not an English major and sometimes I walk a fine line between being politically correct and not. (That is mainly because I don’t get too caught up the drama of politics, social trends, etc. I am AWARE of what’s going on… I just choose not to engage in it!).

I am hoping to use this tool as a way to journal my thoughts as for YEARS I have journaled thoughts in the moment (at church, at a business meeting, reading a book, etc), but my follow-up and reflection time were lacking intent. My goal is be more intentional with what I am learning & applying. I want to be able to look back and specifically point a time when my “breakthroughs” were happening. I desire to teach people how to live a full and joyful life so I hope that by documenting my journey, that it can inspire someone else!

Nothing I am going to do is going to be in any specific order or “flow”, unless eventually the Holy Spirit leads to me write on something specific over a period of time. At which point I will do that of course! You’ll probably learn a lot about me throughout this blog, somethings you will like about me, and somethings you won’t like. I am ok with either really!

Thank you for stopping by and reading my “diary” – I look forward to hearing if anything I write is helpful to you! God Bless!

❤ Danielle



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